Konstantin Chaykin at Baselworld 2012

A debut of the latest inventions of the famous Russian watchmaker Konstantin Chaykin will take place at the exhibition BaselWorld 2012 (8-15th March, Basel).

Konstantin Chaykin Mystery

Konstantin Chaykin Mystery

In the run-up to this significant event Konstantin Chaykin hurries to announce a creation of a new mechanical enigma watch – Mystery. The new creation of the Russian master represents a watch with a completely transparent dial and a pair of hands in the centermysteriously suspended in the empty space of the gold case. Driven by an invisible force, they duly show the current time. The miniature movement of the watch is fully hidden under the bezel of the case decorated with applied Roman numerals and a sophisticated aperture of the moon phase indicator.

It is not easy to penetrate into the mystery of the mechanical movement, but the watchmaker is ready to disclose it during the exhibition.

Apart from the debut of the Mysterycollection, Konstantin Chaykin will present a modified version of its creation “Moonwalker Prime”: now the movement of the Moonwalker is placed inside the gold case; the minute hand has become retrograde; the movement itself is equipped with a patented device – constant Moon phase corrector, and the Moon in this new model is represented with a large ocean pearl. The sapphire glass which virtually reveals the entire movement imparts an unusual and sophisticated look to the gold Moonwalker, which specifically contrasts with the brutality of its Damascus steel predecessor.

Welcome to the show of micromechanical magic with complete exposure! Konstantin Chaykin will be happy to see you in his showroom5-1 at AHCIB01 stand.

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